Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A short update

Well the blog has not been updated for quite a while.
So here it goes!
Nothing much recently, apart from some outings and long distance riding,
Between 70-100km.
Anyway here's a picture taken by my pillion while riding
along Old Jurong Road.

Its a great road to ride along on a cruiser during sunset.
The scene and lonely road is just unexplicable.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Construction Machinery

Since young i've been obssessed with Construction Machinery.
And till now, i still enjoy watching them at work.
Here are some photos i've taken recently.

KTC Group's Hitachi Zaxis 330 & Isuzu CYZ.

KTC Group's Volvo FMX.

KTC Group's Hitachi Zaxis 330

Tiong Woon Crane's XCMG TWCC55 & KTC Group's Hino 700 2841 Tipper

Show casing different trucks owned by KTC Group. Bottom is Isuzu CYZ, top left is Mitsubishi Super Great, top right is Volvo FMX (11L engine, 370hp).

Monday, 6 May 2013

Small update

Had a small change of blog layout. 
The previous layout is so messy and clogged, i had difficulty reading it.
Hopefully this is better.

Anyway i need some help in editting HTML so that i can change the layout even more.
Such as topics like:

Getting a motorbike the first time
Checking the components

and so on.....

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Chain tension

Had a self chain tensioning session today done by myself.
Through this self learnt lesson, i realised a few things worth to take note.
However the time now is rather late.
Shall update more again in future.
Keep watched!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Waterproof Socks

There is this problem that plague every motorcyclist during wet weather.
Wet shoes and socks.
Surely everyone hated that soggy feeling in their foot.
So they used sandals and slippers during wet weather,
a compromise in safety.

Today i chance upon this product.
As marketed, it says it's fully water proof yet breathable.
It's said to prevent the foot rot that happen to every soldier with wet boots.
So to have a look, click on the link below.

Friday, 26 April 2013

As we all know, Singapore is well known for its irratic tropical climate.
The weather here can be stiffling hot now, and a cooling rainfall next.
However we can't keep checking the National Environmental Agency (NEA)
For constant weather updates, right?
So, how can we predict the weather using our naked eyes?
True that i'm no weather forecaster, but what i gonna describe is through my own experience.

Lets have a look at this picture.

What i do know about this cloud is that it's called
The Cumulonimbus Cloud.

This cloud brings rainfall and storm for sure.
Once we see such clouds we can be for sure a thunderstorm is approaching
So, how do we determine that it's a Cumulonimbus?

One obvious look is that the cloud looked extremely dense.
Notice how thick the cloud is?
Another would be the height of the clouds from top to bottom.
Notice how tall the cloud is?

And sometimes you will even get to see its top forming an anvil shape like this:

For all riders, when your riding direction is toward these clouds,
Be prepared to take out your raincoat, cause it's gonna be wet!
Last but not least, ride safe!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

New accessories!

Had a new set of accessories to go with today!
Basically went to Unique Motorsports (Toh Guan) to do it.
Awesome service and friendly chaps.
Even walked around offering free cold drinks to customers.
Where to find????

Ok cut the crap. Here are the things i changed:

 STAR Performance Brake Hose Kit.
Upon installation and trying it out on the road, all i can say is;
Previously the brake feel is spongy and poor feel. Not anymore!
However the added brake performance meant that i have to be ultra careful
when braking in rainy conditions.

 HELLA Disc Type Electric Horn.
Previously the horn is a pathetic puny little fella.
Done nothing to warn off dangerous road users.
With this new baby, hope i can warn off them. 
And i swear they are LOUD.

New tire valve caps. 
Internally they have an o-ring to reduce the chances of air leaking.
Bought them because my rear wheel has no caps ever since i bought my bike.